Why Vortex


  • Vortex brings patented and meaningful innovation to the Mud Guard Category

  • High gas prices are here to stay... Vortex delivers a unique benefit to save you money by reducing wind resistance and improving fuel economy

  • Vortex delivers lasting protection with a lifetime warranty

HOPKINS, a leading supplier of automotive aftermarket products, is pleased to announce the addition of Vortex High Performance Mud Guards™, a new line of automotive car care products.

Keeping your vehicle protected from chipping, pitting, and rusting is a priority for most owners. Traditional mud guards do a good job of protecting vehicles. The Vortex brand introduces an exciting, new dimension to the category... a patented louver design that allows air and moisture to pass through the mud guard. This decreases wind resistance, resulting in improved fuel economy relative to traditional mud guards.

Beyond the functional advantage of Vortex High Performance Mud Guards™ , the new product design is easier to install. The top louver doubles as a reference point, eliminating the problem of getting the mud guards level on all four wheel wells. Available in 3 sizes that accommodate all vehicles, Vortex mud guards are backed with a lifetime warranty.

No matter what you drive, Vortex has a guard for you. Vortex... the shape of things to come!
Source: NPD AAIA POS Data (Year Ending April 2007)