Common Questions


Why do I need Vortex™ High Performance Mud Guards?

A: Vortex™ High Performance Mud Guards provide maximum protection and maximum performance for your vehicle. This new innovative design protects your vehicle from rusting, chipping, and pitting. Vortex™ also allows air, water, and other debris to pass through the louvers creating decreased wind resistance and improved fuel economy as compared to traditional mud guards.


Does Vortex™ Mud Guards fit any style of vehicle?

A: Yes, Vortex is engineered to be a universal fit for multiple vehicle applications. We have three different sizes of Mud Guards called A, B, C. Size A is for passenger cars, Size B is for small trucks, SUVs, and Vans, and Size C is for Trucks and SUV’s. Please refer to the application guide on our website or on the back of the packaging to find the appropriate fit for your vehicle.


Does everything come with the product that is necessary for installation?

A: Yes, All Vortex™ Mud Guards are equipped with 6 screws, 3 for each mud guard. All that is needed for installation is a drill and 5/32” drill bit. Please refer to installation instructions located on the packaging or on our website.


Are Vortex™ Mud Guards made to fit the front and back of the vehicle?

A: Yes, Vortex is specifically designed to fit the front and back on all vehicles. Please refer to application guide to find out what size is needed for the front and back of your vehicle. Please note: Not all vehicles take the same size of mud guards on the back as they do on the front.